"Where's Bob?" Moose Story
This true story complements the sample field tracking video below. It is an example of the type of Tier 2 Rewards that complement the Tier 1 live field tracking sessions. Hope you enjoy listening, as much as I love re-telling! 😊
Tier Benefits
1st Tier | Tracking Techniques 🐾
$1 or more per month
▶️LIVE impromtu field tracking at its best
2nd Tier | Related Stories 🐾
$3 or more per month
▶️Personal experiences that illuminate deeper aspects of the above field tracking

▶️Plus 1st Tier Videos

3rd Tier | The Spiritual Landscape
$5 or more per month
▶️Podcasts on St. Ignatius' tracking of the spiritual landscape

▶️Plus 1st & 2nd Tier Videos

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