Where's the first app?
I started this Patreon in February. Launched it publicly in March. The post where I outlined the first App Collective release – Takora – was uploaded almost two months ago.

So you may be asking yourself... where's the first app?

Here's the thing: I suck at time management. It's not a coincidence the first app release is a time management app.

Good news though! It's coming. Soon. There's 25 days left in April. Ideally I'd like the last week in April to be open voting for the next app, and the week prior open for beta testers, which gives us...

April 16th.

In the meantime, there's plenty of bonuses still available. Directly influence the look, feel, or even sound of the next app!

If you haven't yet joined the Collective, now's a great time! Even $1 goes a long way towards making this a sustainable lifestyle, and you could pick your favorite font or color for use in next month's app as a bonus!