Where's Mad Haddix?
So as some of who have noticed, I have yet to post ANY new MH pages since winter break started. And I have some good and not so good reasons for that. After the Fall semester ended I was more wiped than I expected so I basically took off ALL of December to recover. Like I didn't even work on my Thesis or BFOI stuff. I mostly was writing things and just slept and was busy with family. And January came and I spent most of my first week at work getting things settled for the new year, and getting Round 5 out for BFOI since it was due that Friday and it's a critcal time since I would love to be in the top 6 (now top 4 OH GEEZ). I know it's my first OCT  but I believe I have put my best foot forward with it and work very hard on it. I can't recall the last time I pushed myself so much for something and I love the community. Not to mention my Thesis meeting was on Monday and that was super stressful. So this past week I've been sort of getting in that last bit of sleep and savioring the last week of break before I go back to face my own final frontier. (Not to mention a friend and I are in the process of creating our own OCT and we wanna try to get as much done and start it up publicly in the early Summer.)

I currently have 3 pages all sketched out for Mad Haddix. And I will be finishing them and posting them soon. I currently plan to start posting again in 2 weeks time so I can build the queue up a bit. Sorry for the delay and I'm thankful you're all willing to stick around with me!