"Where's My Mommy?" is out NOW, featuring my music!
Hey friends, family, followers, patrons, and fellow poopers!

I wrote a soundtrack to a game about poop, and that game is here:


I daresay you could classify the soundtrack as EDM, dance, trance, club, industrial, poopstep or fartstep or....something like that! It's done entirely on a single Sega Genesis, and it was a lot of fun to do, if a tad hard to push out.

Anyway, I would be honored if you'd check out the game. It's a fun, challenging runner (runny poop joke notwithstanding) and it's currently $5.99 on Steam (steamy poop joke also notwithstanding). If you like the music in the game and you're not supporting on Patreon, the soundtrack is available as DLC, which is an excellent way to support me until the OST ends up on bandcamp, spotify, itunes, google play, etc.

Thanks for reading!

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