Where's Waldo | lol | An awesome day
Today was the day that I got back on my bike and am pushing daily forward for more progression. This morning Scott and I from our club "Just Dots" decided to do a group ride with Regroup Coffee and Bicycles and oh my; it was awesome! A huge group of riders to enjoy the morning together while we pushed ourselves for speed and personal progression, two groups A & B with ranging speeds from 18-30 mph; epic to say the least.

This mornings ride helped me see where my leg hasn't healed enough and it has shown me what I lost from it being injured. I started in the A group and honestly it was an easy ride for a long time and then my leg gave out. During the ride I could push with the best of them and have no trouble however every 15 minutes roughly and my leg would have shooting pains stopping the ability to pedal; this tells me to push harder. So my ride was back and forth from the front 10-15 people to the very back of the line and back the beginning again over and over. I totally loved this ride and my goal from seeing my injuring up close is to push my body even harder to get through the slow pushes.

Something important I've learned since I started riding that I brought on myself, maybe some advice should just be in one ear and out the other. When I started riding I was literally none stop, the trouble started when I started trying to follow the nutrition and taking down time. I was literally following the recipe for basic riding types and not continuing to be the madman that I am. The advice that I was given on all ends was awesome and extremely helpful and a lot helped, it is just something I followed that just wasn't the best for what I was doing.

I mentioned a few months back how every time I 'd ask around for what bike I should ride for the Trans AM Bike race and everyone gave their feedback, and the ending result from all of the feedback came out that those offering input had no knowledge of this type of riding. I did get some awesome feedback and tips for standard cross country riding, though not one bike that was mentioned would do Trans AM Bike Race as it is a Race and not just chilling at 40-60 miles a day in between motels.

During the change in my nutrition which was to help me ride, I actually gained a lot of weight; which is probably good but honestly it made me sluggish. I do know that when I didn't know about how many calories I was going through per ride and how to put it back; I was a machine that didn't shut off. Did the nutrition changes help me? Of course the nutrition helped me however in a lot of ways it was overboard, I was even being told that I needed to have physical therapy or massages weekly to be able to continue; I was getting "Dope du France" tips versus "Ride hard and have a blast" advice. There is an upside as I said above the tips and advice were all helpful, some of which I shouldn't have taking it to the extreme level lol; but yes it taught me a lot. Now that I have found what does work for me and what doesn't I know how to move forward to eliminate down time so I can continue to push, and tomorrow is day 2 of pushing.

Monday's for me are now called 70's Monday, basically I have to ride at least 70 miles each Monday. Monday's for me are also hosting a group ride with Bike Barn, this means I take whoever that shows up at Bike Barn in the morning for a nice morning 25-30 mile ride. This is the start to hosting bike rides at Bike Barn and I really look forward to it.

I do want to point out that all advice that has been given to me about riding has been an epic learning adventure and all who gave me advice I truly thank and know all were there trying to help me with my journey in cycling. Also huge thanks goes out to all of our Patrons, without Patron support I'd have no funds to help keep tires and other needed items on my bike during the rides; we love you and thank you very much.

Thanks for reading everyone, and have an epic week.