Which language is the biggest, baddest, whateverest?
Say it's not so. Tell me you're not digging for "Top 10" clickbait!

Not quite. This next one will be a simple superlative kinda question, but one that's been on my mind since the events depicted herein. However, some exotic (yet surprisingly familiar) word formation combined with a bit of history will round out the tale of why the winning language wins.

Besides, it's been lots of writing and pronunciation in recent videos. It's time to fiddle with grammar again. Catch it a week from today (next Friday)!

This has really set me back some hours. I haven't figured out why. On paper, it's shorter and sweeter than my last few, and by more than a minute. I'll critique when this wraps so that I can catch if I'm putting in more time just to give you less output.

Also, I can confirm that the guy on the left will eat ice cream by the time the video's through. That's pertinent info, right?