Which of these exclusive online perks do you enjoy the most?
Like with our other poll on physical perks, we'd love to know which of our other perks appeal the most to you! Again, even if you're not currently on the tier that receives them, please vote for which you would like the most. Which online perk is the most exciting?

On this poll you can choose more than one, but please don't choose more than four (ie please don't vote 'all of them') as we'd like to get a proper judgement on which perks are the best we offer!

Blooper and outtake videos

Behind the scenes videos

Deleted/bonus video scenes

Character profiles/headcanons

Blog posts about how we run NyxRising/out of character posts

Costume previews and progress

Monthly Stop Drop Cosplay

Polls/Voter Rights

Previews of upcoming projects/development on new series

Digital Wallpapers

Behind the scenes photos from filming

Insights into our schedule/monthly meeting highlights

Discount codes for our store


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