Which Planet is Closest?

Hello Patrons,

I really can't thank you enough for supporting the changes I've made to the way I run the channel.  Ditching sponsorships and doubling down on you guys has let me think about the work in a different way -- today's videos would never have happened without that.  

"Which Planet is Closest" is a perfect example of the kind of idea I would not have followed down the path to completion before.   I would have thought it wasn't long enough to be a 'real video'.  But now, with your support, I'm free to follow what seems interesting, and I was really interested in this little asterisk to a future project -- and thus the video came to be.  

And, the asterisk ended up with another asterisk on top of it, so here are a few thoughts on some details and ideas that didn't make it into today's animated video.  

Thank you so much for your support,


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