Which Rewards Is Most Appreciated?

Hello everybody!

I'm soon starting to give out the May rewards for the different tiers. I'm very grateful for every single one of my patrons, and the rewards is my way of saying thank you for the support.

But I'm wondering: Which reward is most appreciated? What do you like the most? This poll is public, and everyone has the oportunity to give their opinion, including those still pondering about being my patron. I will use this information to maybe later this year do some changes.

You can choose more than one.

Access to the Patron feed with news and insights

The Ad Hoc comic every friday

Downloadable art (drawings and comics)

New wallpapers every month

Short and longer videos

Get drawn in Chez Cuckoo-style

Be a character in a Chez Cuckoo-strip and get the original artwork.

Sponsor mention

Friendship with the creator in social media

Access to the Facebook-group

Postcard on your birthday

Free PDF and 30% discount on upcoming comics

The rewards ain't important. I just want to support your work!

I'd like some other things. (Specify in the comments below.)

35 votes total
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