Which RPG should we explain next?
Greeting fellow travellers down the river of time,

We're getting close to our goal for 250$ per month, which currently reads:

When we reach this goal, we'll do a strip which explains the rules to Savage Worlds (Like we did with Edge of the Empire).

First, we're thankful to all of our patrons (and humbled), for deciding we're worth your money despite you getting all of this stuff for free.  We believe that good work deserves remuneration, and apparently you not only agree with this sentiment, you also think our work qualifies as good. So we're doubly thankful for that.

Secondly, the goal currently says we'll do a strip which explains the rules to Savage Worlds. Thing is, we figure we did just that, throughout the Wild at Heart storyline. Although a shorter, Edge of the Empire-like explanation is a different thing altogether, we're not sure it's something we should invest our time in. We're thinking about perhaps changing the goal, to explain a different game. 

This post is open to the public, and everyone is welcome to give their suggestions, but we'd like to give our patrons some more power in influencing this decision, which is why in a few days we'll open a patron-only poll that will determine the end results. 

So which RPG shall we explain?

Fate? The basic core of it is simple enough, and it's very different from both EotE and Savage Worlds; we'd like to diversify our offerings, and also, help new players discover a wider palette of options. 

D&D 5? Oh sure, there are dozens of basic explanations of the rules, but none are in a short comics form. It's the most-used system in the world, and therefore, a colourful two-page explanation might be used by thousands of new players. It's also good publicity for us, obviously. 

Dungeon World? I adore it to bits, and it's even more different than Fate is, but we're not sure it's known enough to warrant an aid that's supposed to be used by new players. Also, it kind of explains itself as you create the characters, and most of the game is in the Moves themselves, and we can't just show them all. Despite it being oh so very simple, it'll probably be the hardest one to explain in comics form.

Cypher System? It's straightforward and fun, one of the strongest systems currently on the market, but out of all of these, it's the closest in feel to Savage Worlds. Compared to Fate, it's less different, and compared to D&D 5, it's less popular.

Savage Worlds? 15 comics pages that include a story aren't the same as two simple and concise pages that just tell the rules. Savage Worlds deserves such an explanation, sure, but shouldn't we use this opportunity to introduce something else?

Something else? Perhaps you have the best suggestion in the world. Please give a brief explanation of why you think your choice is excellent and worthy. SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT

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