Which Tree Are YOU In?
RE-LIVING and RE-PLAYING EVENTS in YOUR PAST is like walking through a beautiful orchard—past rows and rows of healthy green trees, heavy with beautiful and satisfying fruit...

Only to find THAT ONE DEAD TREE in the back lot...black, and dry, and LONG-AGO BARREN...

And then spending ALL YOUR DAYS GOING BACK TO THAT ONE DEAD TREE, climbing, and picking through it, looking for fresh fruit there.

There are so many new green, healthy trees for you to climb! You are SURROUNDED with LIFE. The trees of your present and future are ALIVE WITH PROMISE! They NEED YOUR TENDING TODAY, if there will be fruit for you tomorrow.

Stop wasting your precious time climbing that old dead tree.

There's no fruit in it.

~ Dawn Read AmazingLiving.net

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