Which version of Fate?
Hi folks. This image here is something I (Fred) am working on today. May not be the final version, but I think it's getting close. I'm bringing this up partly because I think it articulates something that I know has caused some trouble in the past. Fate Accelerated is a part of Fate Core; it's not a separate thing, at least the way we see it. It's a position along the continuum of what Fate Core can do, a specific build oriented on a paradigm shift and a super short skill list. As such, we regard Fate Accelerated as fair game as a basis for some of the stuff we'll do on this Patreon campaign. I suspect, primarily, most of our upcoming worlds will build out from the defaults given in Fate Core System, but some may choose Fate Accelerated's defaults instead (most imminently, the upcoming Eagle Eyes and Aether Sea releases). Others might use Atomic Robo RPG/Fate System Toolkit's modes, and so on. Or a blend (Secrets of Cats uses Approaches... but only for the spirits). Or something entirely different (Save Game uses its own 12-item skill list based on video game actions, and messes with the stunt paradigm a bit). Regardless, at the end of the day, they all grow forward from Fate Core. We're big believers in tuning the system to best support the setting and the story, and that means drawing on the full range of what our toolbox offers. It's possible that this means you're less interested in our Patreon campaign because it means you'll get some flavors of Fate Core in the mix that you're not so hot for. We get that, and no worries if it means you feel like you want to back out! But we hope you stay interested, because we think casting a wide net and accommodating a number of different flavors of Fate Core is going to produce a more robust result, building a stronger base for the game. One that reaches the widest potential audience for Fate. Something for everyone — or at least something for most. And for those of you who remain Fate omnivores, we salute you! We'll keep your plate full and varied and hella tasty in the months to come. :) Thanks!