While I'm On That Subject
I mentioned having written an as yet unpublished blog post that I wanted to have posted before election day; this is not about that post.  Rather, I have this tendency that once I start thinking about a subject something else will occur to me, and that leads to something else, and so I get stuck on a subject for a while.  It was probably more re-reading The Republican Dilemma than it was #2:  Planned Parenthood and Fungible Resources that got me thinking about abortion and so inspired the writing of #7:  The Most Persecuted Minority, but in the wake of that I got to thinking about the objection often raised by "pro-choice" (to be euphemistically politically correct) groups that pro-life groups demand that women bear children they conceive but then cease to care about those children once they are born.  Thus I put together this post, #9:  Abolition, which gives two answers to the question, one of which I don't think I have previously considered.

I'll be moving toward election issues next, I think.