Whipping up an educational post!
Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop in, raise a flag, make you aware, and blah blah... thaaaat I'm working on a special informative post about my Four Seasons series! Yay! I made a public blog post explaining the exposition and inspiration behind the series, but that's not what we're talking about here. This will be as educational as possible, explaining most of my process from conception to finish (or, erm, birth?). What I could record anyway - I recorded some content before I decided to launch my patreon, so content here will be of higher quality as I continue my work here. Anyway, this will cover my time management, inducing inspiration, planning, first lines, foiling, supplies, videos of me working and being a goof, cleaning up, and framing. This will be for the unlimited digital content tier ($20), and I'll have something a bit simpler in the works regarding this for the lower tiers. 

This will be my first educational type series of many, so I'm hoping that we can both benefit from this! I still have a lot to learn about patreon. Hurrrr XD

Hope to see you there soon! xo