A Whisper of My Pain
My life is a rollercoaster, a constant downward spiral, the one i should trust the most, he is my rival. Death has come knocking, to ask me away, it is my choice, and for now, i choose to stay. He whispers in my ear nothings that sound so sweet, i must watch, for i am on the edge of my chair, about to rise to my feet.

Angel of death, allow me my breath, allow me to gift life and love to another, show me my friends, love, almost done here, show me my mother, sister and brother. Put into my heart the strength to go on, this hurt is to much, i am no longer strong. If you saw him and heard him you'd understand my fear, his bark loud and menacing, right net to my ear.

You question the sadness you think you see in my eyes, there is no sadness, these are angry tears I cry. You question the dampness of my cheeks, and the blood red knife sitting at my feet. I turn my head and claim it's nothing, but we both know that I'm still crying. This is not for the happy and joyous to read, not for those whose heart regularly beats. Leave me alone with my sadness and pain, leave me to hide my tears in the rain.