White Full Preview
Here are a couple of things coming this August!

NEW Private Snapchat - I'll post more details after I move house.
Live Streams - These will be hangouts, crafting or gaming, just for my Patrons!
Two big Beethy sets - so this white one and also a SERENA cosplay set!

And then I'll do my usual self shot stuff! I'll shoot these once I've settled into my new place. I have space now to make cosplay again so I'm pretty excited.. Hoping I'll have internet set up fairly quickly. I've spent most of my free time packing for this move. I did try and do a lil shoot on my last day off but I have been sick and it showed in the photos, so I'd rather wait until I am 100% again and also be in my new place. So I thought I'd give a quick update for this new month! 

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