White Galactic Wind - 5th May 2017
***Blue Eagle Wavespell***

💨White Galactic Wind, Kin 242💨

5th May 2017, 11.04

"It's stasis that kills you off in the end, not ambition."

- Bono, Kin 242 🌪️

As we enter today into the Galactic Tone, we are moving into the Mental Plane, where the Visions we are working on Creating must now pass through the Quality Assurance testing of the White Galactic Wind. 

This Mayan Dreamspell Archetype provides us the perfect environment in order to test our ideas through sharing them and setting the vision free on the winds of spirit to see if we have created the Vision with strong enough integrity that it may withstand the tests of the world around us. 

As the magical human beings that we are, it is very easy to get so obsessed with our own personal perspective and direction, that we forget to truly LISTEN to the winds of change as they gently guide us through divine synchronicity to get back on track and on purpose. 

As Bono reminds us today, often not taking action can be so much more damaging than taking too much action. The key here is to ensure that you are listening very carefully to the way your environment responds with every action that you take. As long as you are listening and responding through gentle correction to your Vision, then no matter how many mistakes you make, your journey will always gradually continue evolving upwards and onwards. 

So get your hammer out and start shaping the world you have chosen to inhabit. Vent if you need to when you need to, but do not waste your own precious energy on other's mistakes, when you have your own to work into the masterpiece you are here to create! :D 

Together, we are forming our future here and now. Make sure we are listening to each other along the way to ensure Harmony & Integrity with each footstep that you take forward. 

In Absolute Faith in our Humanity, 🦋 

Mark Bentley 

Kin 199

Blue Self-Existing Storm 🌩️

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