White Helmets complex in Saqba, Ghouta, down lane from terrorist bomb making factory
Recently, I visited Saqba, eastern  Ghouta, interested in seeing the vacated former White Helmets complex.  These “humanitarian” and “neutral” so-called rescuers instead of staying  with civilians left with other terrorists when the Syrian government  liberated eastern Ghouta and humanely gave terrorists the option to be  safely transported to Idlib (or, if a terrorist without blood on his  hands, and also not a foreign mercenary, to lay down arms and join the reconciliation process, which as of last year when I inquired had over 85,000 participants returned to their civilian lives).

Down a path from their two building  complex, just roughly 250 metres or less away, was the bomb making setup  of Faylaq al-Rahman, producing mortars and missiles of varying sizes,  used to fire on civilians in Damascus. 

Please watch Vanessa Beeley’s highly-informative interview on this complex (starting at around 39 minutes 40 seconds into her May 1, 2018 interview on UK Column).

Corporate media does not deign to report  that over 11,000 civilians were killed in Damascus alone by such mortar  and missile attacks. Hardest hit were Damascus’ old city, where I’ve  spent weeks and weeks in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018.  Thankfully, unlike prior years, now the old city is not being pounded  daily by these mortars. But in prior years, the attacks on civilian  areas was relentless and brutal. Following are links related to such  attacks. 

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