For the month of October, a bunch of my friends and I have decided on tagging a series of posts as #RPGSEA. Basically, the tag signifies Tabletop RPG-related content that were created by Southeast Asians!

One of my tasks for RPG SEA is to revive #MonsterMonday, which seems very in theme for October, anyway. :D Incidentally, the adventure I am currently writing is in need of a ghost creature that is weaker than the standard ghost, and I've always wanted to visit the white lady thematically ever since I wrote about Marriage in Meilakanjan

So here she is! I hope you like her... but not too much. She might get ideas.

Some notes.

* I completely forgot that the specter, a CR 1 "ghost," existed until after I was finished with this monster. Oops. But the lore is still good!

* As I have mentioned before, I do not add numbers to the skills in an effort to minimize the digits you have to remember. To me, modifiers are enough - and if the creature is skilled, just add the skill die to the relevant rolls. Gravy.

* If an action has the weapon tag, then the relevant ability modifier is understood to apply to attack and damage. Otherwise, the relevant ability modifier applies to attack rolls only.

* Similarly, I have decided to do away with saving throw DCs. The DC formula of 8 + prof + ability modifier feels very extra for me, and problematic now that I don't use static proficiencies. Instead, the DCs in Meilakanjan are now equal to the relevant ability score. Easier, and it still generates a DC that is in between 8 - 20. With that said, if you don't like it, I mentioned the ability modifier used, so it should be easy to revert. (Horrifying Visage is DC 13 in Meilakanjan, DC 11 in typical Fifth Edition.)

* Patrons. This post will not be charged! Mechanically it does not present anything new, so it doesn't quite make sense to charge you for it. Nevertheless, October promises to be busy, so I will probably make my 3-post max this month!

* The latest file is v1.1. I bumped up the damage and added in that incorporeal movement that should have been there to begin with.