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White Priorities
Odd trivia: Anti-racist cartoons are by far the ones that are most likely to result in me receiving anti-Semitic hate mail. I guess that's no surprise; of course the angry racist and angry anti-Semitic crowds overlap. 

I'm lucky, in that I'm not usually bothered by idiotic emails like that. My ability to brush stuff like that off is definitely a blessing for my career. (And was also a blessing for my previous job as a wedding coordinator; no matter how mean family members were to me, I'd have forgotten about it an hour after the wedding.)

This cartoon was fun to draw. One of the nice things about single-panel cartoons is that I can take more time, and do things like drawing seven figures in detail, or fairly elaborate cross-hatching.  I think my favorite face here is the woman with the long kinky hair (third from the right); that expression just works well for me, and I like the different-sized eyeballs.

My friend (and patron!) Naomi, who is a wonderful cartoonist herself, suggested adding the broken crutch. Thanks, Naomi!

As for the subject matter of this cartoon, it's a response to something I've seen again and again: White people who, when a racist (or apparently racist, or potentially racist) incident comes up, are far more concerned with trying to establish the purity of the white person's heart than they are with the damage that's been done, or with how that damage can be mitigated. 

You folks are seeing this early as a thank you for supporting these cartoons. I really appreciate your support! Your support makes it possible for me to make cartoons like this one - cartoons that attempt to do something other than headline-of-the-week stuff.

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And extra-special thanks to Mike Schluckebier, who is thanked in the sidebar. (I know that's two Mike-sidebar cartoons in fairly close sequence; that's just a coincidence of scheduling, they were actually drawn months apart).  Mike, please get in touch if you'd like a high-res copy of this cartoon.