White Solar Dog - 23rd April 2017
***White Wind Wavespell***

White Solar Dog, Kin 230

23rd April 2017, 10.20

"Be an artist of consciousness. Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully profoundly beautiful."

- Alex Grey, Kin 230

As we enter into the Solar Tone, the 9th evolutionary step of creation, we begin to work deeply on the spiritual plane to pulse out our original intention for the evolution of our capacity for deep heart-centered communication with ourselves, with spirit and with our family & communities around us. 

Allow yourself today to surrender your fight, and bow down instead to your opponent with respect for the reflection that they bring to you in your everyday struggle and striving through life. 

As the great visionary artist Alex Grey, born into the Mayan Dreamspell Archetype of the White Solar Dog, brings to our awareness... EVERY Soul you interact with is indeed a Mirror and a Teacher. 

When you truly learn to be compassionate in your Listening to the other, you begin to discover that you and your "enemies" are not so different from each other, but separated only through fear fueled illusions. 

You can try eternally to correct the outside world around you in order to deal with that fear, but that is like trying to cut your hair by whacking your scissors against the mirror in your bathroom! It will distract you for a while, but sooner or later, the mirror will crack, the illusion will falter and the truth that the deepest challenge is, in fact, lying await within yourself. 

Rather we are encouraged today to follow the roots of fear deep into our own being, and with patience, compassion, and courage, when you have a grip on the deepest roots, you will be able to pull them out through deep awareness and mindfulness, not anger and ferocity. 

This is the shift we require in our perception of our reality around us that will move us out of the Victim mentality and into the Cosmic Artists that we truly are, here to paint our own picture of reality within the realms of consciousness. 

With Love, I lay down my weapons and open my Heart once again to unconditional vulnerability. The universe may continue to provoke my heart with its sword of truth. Rather than pull away in fear, today I recommit to leaning into that provocation and allowing the sharp blade of compassion to open my wounding to be cleaned by the ever flowing waters of purification within my heart. 

Thy Will Be Done,

Mark Bentley 

Kin 199

Blue Self-Existing Storm 

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