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White Suspect/Black Suspect
We read story after story - or, if we have the stomach for it, see video after video - of police shooting down Black suspects (some of whom turn out to be unarmed, or underage, or both)  within moments of arriving on a scene. 

It's painful and, in nearly every case, completely avoidable. Police need to be trained to be cautious (in the sense of not suddenly rushing to a scene where they think they may be in danger), to hide behind car doors, to wait, to think, to de-escalate. And there are many examples of police doing just that with white suspects - even very frightening and unpredictable white suspects, like a church shooter or the so-called face-eater.

This cartoon's approach is either laudably direct or sadly obvious, depending on one's tastes in cartoons. I hope you enjoy it. I'm pleased with the drawings in this one - the figures seem to me a cut above my usual drawings, and I actually drew a car that I can stand looking at. 

I'm sorry you've heard so little from me lately, by the way. Almost immediately after returning from my amazing European trip, I had to leave town again, this time to go to the Humboldt County Children's Author Festival. (I also do kid's graphic novels.)  The festival was a pleasure, but it was also yet another thing throwing me off my routine this month. 

But I'm back now, and I'm planning to get back on a regular posting schedule in November.

Thank you all so much for supporting these cartoons. October aside, I've been able to create a cartoon a week for a while now, and that's entirely thanks to my Patreon supporters. It really means the world to me.

I'm posting this cartoon here on Patreon (in a "patrons only" post) a few days before I'll make it public. Those of you who are supporting at a $5 or above level, please feel free to start sharing this cartoon immediately; everyone else, please wait a few days. 

Stay well! 

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