White Tiger in Frame
I wanted a print made of this one, coloured pencil on paper, but it almost didn't get made. I had to show my ID at WalMart to prove it was mine. I'd taken it to the photo center to have it turned into a nice print on photo paper, and the employee on duty wouldn't do it at first. He didn't believe I had drawn it, he said he wouldn't do copyrighted work.

II was pretty surprised that someone thought it was that good. I showed him my ID, that it was the same name, same signature, and finally he believed me. Impostor syndrome certainly feels real. 

I'm starting off my Patreon with older pieces because I'm doing new things now. I wanted some content here for you to see The Way Things Were. 

It's been a long time since I've finished things. It's about time I got around to finishing things again.