White-Tipped Bighorn - Colour
"Due this breed inhabiting mostly desolate rocky and moutainous biomes, White-Tipped Bighorns do not tend to have a very exotic fur colour.  Their thick-fur coats are normally covered in a paynes grey colour, mottled with browns and reds, helping them camoflague into the rocks they climb.  They are easily identifed by their striking white tips on their nose, horns, tails and often toes.  

During the winter periods, as the snow falls, their coats will shed and start to lighten into a lighter grey to keep themselves hard to spot by any lurking predators.

White-Tipped Bighorns are one of the larger breed of Jackalopes, often weighing up to 16KG (8KG being the lightest recorded), and a body length of up to 80cm.  Their hind legs are longer and more muscular than their forelimbs.  Their hind legs are not that alike to the common Jackalope, and are more used for nimble footing and balance, rather than speed.

White-Tipped Bighorns tend to stay on higher-ground, however during the mating season, they will find lowland with dense, tall shrubbery to rest and rear their young.  Their diet consists on flowers and plants such as Alberta Wild Roses, Western Moss Heather and Rough Fescue.  As these are all on higher ground and up in the mountains, food is usually plentiful and easy to obtain."

I will be doing some more sketches of these guys depicting some of the descriptions above.  After concepting all of my Jackalope breeds, i'll compile them into a small book to keep them altogether! 

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