Whiteout Road (Stuck inside the Animus?)
In the winter, Washington State has a very clear difference between East and West. The temperature plummets the moment you head east and crest over the Cascades, where typically you see substantially more snowfall than on the west side of the state. Temperatures can be a lot harsher, and drop in the single digits (fahrenheit). Meanwhile, on the west side, we sip our Starbucks, throw on an extra North Face fleece and dream of a white Christmas as we see more freezing rain than anything else. 

While traveling the backroads from Whitman County (super east side of Washington) to Spokane County (central east side of Washington) we hit a crazy winter phenomenon that can only be described as "driving through a perpetual eye of a snow storm." The visibility was two telephone poles in any direction. It was snowing, around us, but not in front or behind us. And it was so cold, 2*F-10*F, that if the snow hit the blacktop it was as if it was immediately freeze-dried and became a light glittery dust. Typically on a shot like this, I would go to my tools of dodging and burning to make the road look worn. I didn't here. The dust of snow in the ruts of the road made for the perfect worn road look naturally. To capture the detail of the scene, especially because I was surrounded by white, this was a 3 bracketed 3+- EV exposure, and then blended down to create an HDR image.

A gamer's way to describe this feeling; as a fan of the Assassin's Creed series, I often make game reference. In this case, it was as if we hit a real life loading screen, and was driving perpetually on a road in the Animus.

Every Moment has a Story 

Photo published here on 500px