Who am I
 Now, this story is all about me! My life story so far in a post, so that you know who I am, what I am passionate about, the path that I have walked so far and why I am at Patreon.

I still remember the first time I got curious about a little Murphy  radio that we had in our home. I was around 8 or 9 years old at that  time. When my mother took her afternoon nap, I borrowed the screw driver  from my father’s toolkit and took that little radio apart. I was not  only happy to take a peek into the wonderful world of electronics inside  that radio but was so proud that it was still working when I put it  back together. 

My curiosity about the world around me was further stoked by getting  hands-on in our little backyard garden where I truly relished in the  pleasures of getting my hands dirty and watching the garden take life.  That was a great gift my father gave me – his time spent with me playing  in the garden – planting the seeds, tending to the plants, watching  them grow to produce flowers and vegetables. I successfully went on to  secretly carrying out dissection in cockroaches to look at their  circulatory system and grafting plants, as reading about them in the  classroom was not at all enough for me during my school years. I had to  do it by myself to really understand how things worked. That’s the  allure and magic of science and it took me through college and I ended  up getting a bachelor's in Biochemistry and a master's in Biotechnology.  

Sitting through history classes during school, I admired those  famed travelers of the past who got to enjoy the cultures of the world  and left a treasure trove of information for the future generations. I  adored their resolve and curiosity (and was kind of jealous) to  undertake long journeys under arduous conditions - just because of their  quest for knowledge. When the time came to chase my dream of traveling  abroad to chase knowledge, I had to face my fair share of brick walls  and set backs as I come from a middle class family in India and going  abroad was mostly reserved for the rich and wealthy. Eventually with the  help of a scholarship, I packed my bags and hopped onto Europe and went  on to gather my doctorate degree from Germany.  I not only enjoyed  doing great science and research but also different cultures and the  richness of the vast diversity of humanity as the Institute had a huge  diversity of graduate students from all over the world. And as an added  bonus, sitting in the middle of Europe in Germany I got to travel to  neighboring countries (Austria, Italy France and Spain). After my  doctorate degree, I once more hopped continents to do postdoctoral  research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY and another one at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.

The wonderment and curiosity I experienced through and about  science during my younger formative years kept my dreams alive during  the tough times. The world of science and research has not only let me  experience and be in the frontiers of cutting edge technology, it has  also taught me far more important lessons for my personal life. Failures  are part of science, no experiment works on the first try. A scientist  can work for weeks and months only to find out that his/her hypothesis  is not true. A true scientist  looks at his/her failures as learning  experiences and continue to move forward. The world of science has  taught me resilience and has truly endowed me with a never-give-up  attitude.

Apart from scientific research and wondering about the mysteries of human brain, my special interest lies in science outreach/communication in an accessible format and spreading the feeling of awe and wonder of science beyond  the University and academic laboratories, especially to children and  youth.  I am also the founder and co-director of BioPalette,  a non-profit maker space for biology in the Capital Region of NY. I  currently live in upstate NY with with my two kids. 

Now that you have an idea about me, I hope that you are excited about hearing from me, join me in celebrating and explore the fun world of science with me.