Who am I and why Cyber Synapse?
I am a parent, clinical practitioner and researcher. I have been looking into the effects of the internet on the wellbeing of children and young people for over 10 years. I am interested in the effects on brain development, language, social interactions and most importantly our interpersonal communications and relationships as a result of this technology.

I am a passionate, opinionated and at times full on, non apologetically sometimes ranty individual because I am a human being and I like the fact that things matter to me. Mostly this is about the practice of labelling of children and young people and forgetting they are not jars with contents, they are a result of their experiences with their environments. 

Why cyber synapse? Well this is based on the fact I see cyber space and these connections akin to the synapses between our neurons in our brains and our social spaces. This technology has allowed us to become hyper connected and whilst I talk about many of the negative aspects around cyberspace on the podcast I for one think we are growing a worldwide cyber brain. How awesome is that!!!

Delivering this podast is sure faster than writing my book and allows me to keep my finger on the pulse. I'm bringing this to you because you need to know it.... keep up this will be great stuff.

If you fancy being on the podcast drop me a line, if you help support this podcast it means I can feed my children and pets and that will all be down to you, so be awesome and donate well. I'm fed up of baked beans and pot noodles.


Cath Knibbs