Who am I? Realise your authentic self -asmr virtual role play

Hi there my friends...how are you? It is a simply amazing day here ...I never grow accustomed  to the amazing view I have from my meditation chair sitting next to my bay window. I am so very blessed. 

Thank you so very much for your support this month. I know I say it each month but I will say it again. I would not be able to produce podcasts and videos if it was not for you...so thank you for helping to make my content possible and helping my family.

I have so many projects on the go at the moment that I wanted to take a moment to keep you in the loop. I have just produced   ‘Who am I? How to self realise’ which is episode 29 on Itunes or my latest video on You tube as above. this piece is about the journey to self realisation and is presented in a virtual role play format.

I have been asking many of you recently what your interests are because I enjoy keeping my content relevant. Now the interesting thing is that I have three distinct audiences across at least three mediums. 

1. You have told me that you are interested in being inspired to keep fit. 

2. You have told me that you want to learn to fall asleep. 

3. And you have told me that you would like to explore your authentic self. 

I use podcasts, you tube, and my books to do this. 

I am not going to write to you every single time I create content as that would be about 7- 9 times per week now( probably a little too much communication for you). So I am trying to work out how to deliver content to you seamlessly. Yes and I am still waiting to get the book back from the editor. She has several books on the go at the moment... and has said November...I have started the next book now on how to sleep.

Psst...My podcast host is designing me an app which you download in order to access all my services plus more.( coming soon)


So to deliver content a little more easily I have started the following...There will be more services over time( Like the app)

1. See my brand spanking NEW (PUBLIC)Facebook Page for Being well with Lauren Podcast...PLEASE LIKE and join here


2. Videos series(PUBLIC): 

Please see Video # 1 in our series.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFnXvkjMDD4

and video # 2 in our series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGo3ag81KpY

3. Being well with Lauren CLOSED FACEBOOK PAGE.

Here is a friendly place we can hang out and keep in touch


4. Remarkableme well being and fitness group

Do you have wellbeing and fitness goals? I am a personal trainer and well being coach so this is the page for you...a closed friendly page where we can chat about well being.


Thank you so much for your support and have an awesome day :)....and Try some ginger and peppermint tea with  as slice of lemon...just delicious.Lauren xx