Who are you guys?
Several years ago my granddaughter asked me to blog and send pictures when I was traveling, she was 6 at the time. I am not a big selfie taker, but wanted to have something personal to put into some of the photos I took, so during that year I picked up these four guys in my travels and started taking pictures of them. They do not always travel with me, but they manage to sneak in several photo's. In the back you have the black bear named Babs (Balckcomb Anne Bear),  on the left you have Wim (Whistler Ivan Moose), on the right you have Hip (Hawaiian island pony) and finally in front you have Tip (Toronto international panda). We have been in a lot of fun places and done a lot of work together. They have even gone to some shows I have had tables and booths at. I am sure you will see more of them in future posts!