Who Doesn’t Love A Heist Movie?!

Over the course of entertainment, one thing has been universally proven to be an absolute certainty: people wanna steal stuff! Ok, we know we shouldn’t, and most of respect the law and our personal freedom enough to never try. But movies and television afford us the opportunity to live vicariously through these outlaws as they proceed to get rich fast and easy.

This week, we dive into heist movies and why we love them. We also discuss why it is no one seems to feel too bad for the person actually being robbed, and conclude our thoughts by discussing the best and worst heists in film history.

Also this week: the fallout from Roseanne, Netflix is getting greedy, Top Gun 2 and Legally Blonde 3 gain traction, Jurassic Park turns 25, Walking Dead loses Rick Grimes, upcoming releases, and much more.


Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

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