Who the hell is "Newsvandal," anyway?
JP "Newsvandal" Sottile is a freelance journalist, published historian, radio commentator and documentary filmmaker. He's a two-time denizen of DC and former television news producer. Owner of two little statues  distributed by the Washington DC Regional Emmy machine. Wrote, produced  & directed The Warning (2008). Many other credits on a number of public interest films.

Over the last decade, JP has authored many news and analysis stories for The Guardian, Consortium News, Truthout, Counterpunch, Antiwar.com, The  Ecologist,  Business Insider, The Progressive and more.

Now working outside the mainstream, JP "vandalizes" the newscycle by stacking headlines into a daily meta-story that untangles the worldwide web of news. JP's culls and curates the Newsvandal RUNDOWN from hundreds of sources around the world and the web. Each source gets an exposed hyperlink so you can see who is saying what to whom. Headlines are unaltered. And countervailing POVs and  political agendas often appear right next to each other. In other words, Newsvandal aggregates and you decide.

Perhaps most importantly, this "exposed link" commitment ethical aggregation means the people who do the writing gets the clicks. No content is appropriated and reposted onto Newsvandal.com.

The next step is to expand the RUNDOWN's daily reach and extend Newsvandal's presence on alternative radio and enterprise a daily podcast. Right now you can hear the Newsvandal weekly on  KRUU-FM, on The Ochelli Effect and on John Barbour's World.

Oh yeah, JP also thinks Paddy Chayefsky really nailed it.