Who I Am is Not for Sale
Listening to Ken's free thing. I don't have free things yet. Free events for people to come and be in conversation. And I'm not all that comfortable speaking about what it is I do or what I offer, especially what I can do for you "the client" with needs and issues. Probably because I just don't see it that way, as a problem/lesson I mean. But who can say? In fact, I don't see things with the same language as anyone I know. Not that they don't exist. Just that we haven't met yet. Which is fine. Perfect even. If I haven't met anyone who sees the same language as me, then that's what's going on. There's no need to rationalise and pull it apart like so much slow cooked beef. Unless that's what my instructions say to do. Then I'll philosophise and be present to the theory of now. But otherwise, meh. It is what it is. I earn what I earn. I have what I have. I am what I am. There's nothing mysterious about it. At least not in a way that needs to be solved, resolved or improved. For example... Improve your health. Increase your income. Amplify your impact. Promises of doing it right. When you're in flow, your life will be _____________ (fill in the blank). You know, right? That things will change when you're doing what you're meant to be doing? That there are special outcomes waiting for you when you finally manage to surrender or align or whatever your brand of idealism requires of you. I'm not having a go at Ken, or you, or your particular beliefs. I know Ken is exactly who he needs to be. I know he reads my words with the same awareness that he sees everything else i.e. with a bias that filters out what is, in favour of what he needs to perceive in this moment. I know that if he has a "reaction" to my words, then he'll enjoy his conversation with God about that, and we can carry on Speaking our Truth. Thankfully, he knows I love him and the work he does (even when I tell a completely different story to the one that makes sense to him). But what if he didn't? I mean, what if I talked about someone I don't know and said their work is perfect for its purpose regardless of the outcomes and explanation it offers? If I said that what's really going on cannot be known, and this person is simply telling a story? That we all tell stories to fill the gap of what cannot be known for whatever reason. And that there's a way to allow all the stories being told to be divine without needing to fix, change or heal anything. Then what would that person say? The person who sells steps to transformation or a process of embodiment? If the story on the planet shifted from the Heroes Journey of Enlightenment, to the perfection of what is, how would you feel about products that promised to solve your (or the planets) problem? Because it might seem strange to say, but nothing would change that wasn't already changing according to your purpose. Which sounds like fate, but fate is a different beast altogether. No, this my friends is not fate. Not pre determination as (we think) we know it. Not reward and punishment, or even guidance of souls back to their essential, natural state of being. Not evolution or entropy or even entanglement. This is perfection! Living, breathing, exegesis. You might call it God or universal order. You might even argue with other versions of the story and seek to prove "them" wrong. God might speak to you or send you signs to guide your hand, and the facts might seem obvious to you in a way that makes everyone else look crazy or stupid. Whatever version of Knowing you experience, whatever Truth guides you and assures you to follow this path, to trust these people and to do this work... There is one explanation that does not make anyone or anything right, wrong or incomplete. Something that won't diagnose your digestive issues as disembodiment, or emotionality as trauma to be transmuted. Whether you value such a perspective or not is another conversation altogether. For while it may appear logical to me and other proponents of perfection, the world needs you to be you! To be who you are. To want what you want. To trust what you trust in this moment and the next in each of the stories that we tell no matter how it seems. Curious?
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