Who is Mythicalicalypso?
  The stories of the world define our cultures and morals, and have been with us since people have had speech. I love reading these tales and I love how wisdom can be gained from such a young age from such a  simple tool. Many works of writing which dwell in the public domain have stood the test of time. Collectively, we have acknowledged their importance by preserving them. I read these works aloud and provide them to you for free via YouTube. This is an act of personal spiritual gain, as I feel that sharing stories is the root of what makes us who we are, and sharing them brings us closer together. Learning the words of cultures far away and long ago bridge gaps in compassion and understanding that enable us to become closer to our neighbors on this ever shrinking planet.
       In addition to these tales, I have videos which are designed to help you relax. The calming sounds of nature or soft piano compositions are sometimes all you need when the world seems to be a bit too much to bear.
     So I hope, so very much, that you will join me, this evening. Be it for adventure, or a bit of calm in this rapidly changing world, I thank you for your support.