Who is Agony Autie?
My name is Sara (pronounced "Sar-raa") and I'm Autistic!

I'm 30 years old & live in the UK with my husband Liam, who edits all of my Agony Autie videos so wonderfully!

We're parents to our Son, Frank who is also Autistic like me! Although Liam isn't an Autie like me & Frank, he does pretty much live, breathe & sleep 'Autism' in his personal & now professional life ?

I started Agony Autie as a way to talk about being Autistic and all the 'different' experiences being autistic entails.

I hope that along the way, people continue to learn, debate and accept Autism and being Autistic 💜

I hope that people can learn acceptence and love for themselves, despite the prejudice and misunderstanding they may face.

Love be and respect to the whole of the Autism Community,

Sara Harvey
Agony Autie