Who is Eric Lernould?
Profession: Scientist/Chemist (AKA "Professional Nerd")

Hobby: Webcomic Personality

Interests: Comics, Webcomics, Video games, Board games, D&D, Snowboarding, Tennis, Conventions, and Making Friends!

Past Projects: Fading Light Productions (videos), Fast Forward (webcomics), TAFAC (webcomics), Sketchy Antics (videos/webcomics), and Your Overlord Eric (webcomics)

Current Projects: Next Chapter (webcomics)

Hey, I'm Eric! I've been a webcartoonist for over 7 years, and its been a blast! Every project has been an exciting adventure into improving my comics, and meeting some of the COOLEST creators and fans. For those of you who are not familiar with my work, the simplest explanation is that I specialize in not specializing. Where most cartoonist focus on consistency and continuity in there work, you'll find that I focus on variety and experimentation!

This love of the unknown originated as a self-identified (and fan-identified) personal flaw, where I found I was unable to stick to a single story line for more than a few months. After years of fighting against this urge, I eventually decided to try and embrace it. Since then I've enjoyed exploring new worlds, playing with varied genres, and developing unique characters for some of the coolest readers on the web.

Next Chapter is my latest pursuit into the fray, and I'm SUPER excited that I get to create these new short stories with the help of my patrons! Never before have I had friends and fans be able to participate in the creative process, so I'm thrilled to get your input, and eager to see what we can make!