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Who is Mythicist Milwaukee? A Conversation w/ the Team
The Mythicist Milwaukee team utilized a last minute cancelation of a podcast guest, to dedicate an hour on air discussing the origin and goals of the Mythicist Milwaukee organization. Podcast hosts Rob Moore and Brian Edward interview Sean Fracek and Fritz Blandon, the co-founders of Mythicist Milwaukee, on various subjects relating to the organization.

We discuss how and why the organization came together and the early struggles that we faced. We explain why we feel secularism and mythicism support one another and explain why we think that the mythicist position is so important to promote tolerance in the world. We explain why we traveled to Egypt, Greece, Kenya and Rwanda and what we brought back from these experiences. We discuss how any why the team continues to grow bigger and more influential on the national secular stage. We discuss the idea and partnership behind the satirical video series entitled “Holy Shit”, that focuses on the bizarre aspects of the Bible, which lead to the full length “Batman and Jesus” film, where we hope to illustrate how Jesus’ story has changed overtime similar to many comic book figures. 

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The Mythicist Milwaukee organization started as two people that created a Facebook page, in hopes to share what they were learning about the mythicist position. This effort has evolved into a fast growing secular organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have pulled off the first and second ever major secular conference in the history of Milwaukee and have partnered with very exciting speakers such as Killah Priest from the Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Richard Carrier, Hemant Mehta and many others. With the help and support of Mario Quadracci, we will be bringing a live secular/religious debate event series to Milwaukee. The Buzzed Belief Debate Series will include the long awaited debate between Dr. Robert Price and Bart D. Ehrman on the historicity of Jesus. Our team is very committed and talented. We will continue to bring many first to secularism and mythicism in Wisconsin and worldwide! 

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