Who Is Sexy to Me? You're Looking At Them.

It's not just their stunning outer beauty though, it's their glow. How they can't turn it off, no matter what.

When they're feeling bad. Angry. Hurt. Sad. You probably wouldn't even know. How could you?

I posted a few "racy" MMA desktop wallpaper designs the other day, that I did many years ago. Same thing applies.

Sure, they're beautiful. That's not unusual at all though, in fact, it's overwhelming to me how many people are so damn attractive.

What's unusual about the one's I'm fascinated with?

Their hearts. Their brains. Their souls.  What they do, not what they say.

Absolutely intoxicating. Take my wife, for instance. The best example in the world, IMHO, but I'm a bit biased, of course. 

Just sayin'. It's not how you look that matters to me. Although I'm just as enamored by it as the next guy.

Unfortunately, it also causes my brain to shut down. It's overclocked already. Too much stimuli. Can't function.

Seriously. It's overwhelming sometimes. Just being in public and seeing random moms while doing my errands throughout the day, for Pete's sake. So freakin' cute.

Sorry, off on a little tangent there.

Who's sexiest to me? You're looking at them.

Stacy and Hedy. So cute too!!! 😊

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