Who Is Taking Our Money at Patreon?
It recently came to my attention that Patreon had made an attempt to restructure how they handle your money and skim some off the top as it flows towards me. I only knew about this change after the fact.  Which is weird, unless I missed an email somewhere. Patreon wrote to tell me, and tell every other creator on the site, that they'd bungled things and after multiple complaints, were backing out of the plan. I think they wanted to take more of a cut? That part, they didn't specify in their communication.

This is the 2nd disruption around money since I joined up. The first problem was a lack of security and some donors got hacked. I lost my biggest donor from that debacle. It was discouraging. They promised they had learned their lesson. Now, I'm not sure what to think. I keep getting assured that the site founder is/was a musician who is trying to keep it real and do what's best for artists. I hope its true.

I'm not a big pusher when it comes to advocating for myself. I put my work first. I try to stay close to the people who are interested in what I do.  Earning an honest living gets figured out somewhere in the mix. Definitely I have my moments of being a starving artist but with the help of alternate sources of support like Patreon and Kickstarter, I keep afloat on this river of light. You're a part of my world like a magical unicorn walking through my yard. How did it happen? How wonderful it is!

So I'm thinking of you, my friends, as we watch Patreon go through its growing pains, squirming & blushing. I apologize if it's affected you negatively - I understand your irritation. I thank you for your patience.  There is so much more to say, to sing and to write. Nothing will get in the way.