Who Knows What The Future (That Is The Month Of) May (Will) Bring
(I imagine that's such a convoluted joke that no one will get it, but it pleased me, so I'm keeping it.) 

I am sorry for the delay. I just started interning at an arts-in-education company to make a little extra cash and gain some new skills, and one of their most important projects of the year just led into another high-maintenance project immediately after. 

This is not me saying that new work can't or won't come. The latest portion of The Swan And The Snake is in the chamber, almost ready to be fired. 

So here's how I plan to make it up to you all: you will get three parts this month, God willing, to make up for my tardiness. Hopefully, immediately after that, the fortnightly schedule should resume without much headache. 

(Much headache on your end, I mean. I have a headache right now. No, it's not from the work, or from you.) 

So, look out to see more of The Swan And The Snake, and even more work from me overall. 

Until then, here's a short story from me in Strange Horizons, 'They Will Take You From You ', on genius, blackness, and the lengths to which gatekeepers wish to take control of a creator's story. I hope you enjoy it.