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Who Run the DC Universe + Origins of Raven: Daughter of Trigon
By the time I am writing this, Origins of Raven SHOULD be up, if not, I have experienced another upload glitch and it'll be up in 12-24 hours or so. 


Oh my god, this month I have been to hell and back in my personal life, but I really do feel like I came through in terms of my delivery on videos this month. I really do feel like that was because of all of you, I didn't want to let you guys down, y'know. 

I cant express how much all of your support helped me this month, and it really does help the show. More than I'm sure you're aware of. 

OH! Also, the video I did on Benny's channel is the one to replace my very short video on cosmic entities. Benny offered me a spot on his channel while he is in Paris, and I said yes, and from what I knew of his audience, that video made the most sense to do on there. Plus with how obscure the Endless are, it was a perfect topic to off, what I specialise in. 

I can't express how thankful I am in one post. This massive big thankyou was a bad idea, I already don't feel like I say it enough. So I'm going back to saying it weekly!! 

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