Who Wins, Who Loses? Q&A: US, Russia, China, Brazil, RIC, Nord Stream-2, Syria

I'll try to answer some of the good questions/comments from the previous posts:

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Michael Kovacic

Hmmm, BRICS was/is a Rothschild creation,from my understanding ,when RICS was mentioned I treated that as good news, with the infighting and subsequent disassembly of main dark state factions here in the states, here lately, everything they touch fails, I'm waiting to see Putin ,Xi, reform a new cooperative with trump doing what he can in the background as he doesn't have a lot of control over the agencies ,private contractors ect. Just have to wait and see.

Lada Ray

It will probably be both RIC and RICS, but read my linked pieces: S. Africa is also severely compromised. There is only success visible in the RIC, as far as I can see. Later RIC will accept new and better members. This will be a very good development indeed.  TRUE, it was Goldman Sacs creation, as far as the NOTION is concerned, but Rus/China decided to appropriate it in practice, with mixed success. See my calibrations articles from Dec 2018:

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 John Casey

I suppose this was a foregone conclusion [that Brazil would exit the BRICS - LR], but still it is a sad development. How much longer can the US keep up this sort of covert exploitation? I would think that at some point in the continuum of Inverted Collapse, some of these many tentacles would start to lose their grip. Doesn't look like that now. Thanks, as always.

Lada Ray

US is still the most powerful, especially in L. America. 

When you read my upcoming Geopolitical Calibrations Book, which is coming out in February, you'll see what I mean. The US calibrations will tell you where their real power lies and where they are losing it. Included in the book is also the Superpower Index, and the score for the US, Russia, China, etc., will tell you exactly where each country stands in its global power.  

However, the process of waning is ongoing. And as I was predicting, US/West won't surrender control voluntarily. They'll fight back, but their power and outreach will be gradually diminishing, per Inverted Collapse. In 5 years the world will look different than today, and in 25 years very different. 

Just look back to 2008 and compare. You'll see a huge difference in how much power was available back then to the US and EU, vs. today. How much power was available to Russia and China in 2008 - a huge difference compared to 2018-19. Now look back to 1995-98. We lived in a completely different world in so many ways. Russia was basically down on her knees, and the US power was absolute. Do you see my point?


No one seems to be noticing the obvious! The US is used to winning and imposing rules everywhere. Yet look, the US was just dealt a pretty humiliating blow in Syria, from where it's being squeezed out and forced to withdraw. And very importantly, although the battle is still ongoing, it's already clear the US lost the fight for EU gas supplies to Russia, and with it, it lost a large chunk of its sway over Europe. And that's despite the fact that Brussels is on the US side and is trying to convince Germany to cancel Nord Stream-2. TurkStream is progressing well and the US also lost a major sway over Turkey. Despite huge pressures, looks like the TurkStream extension to Eastern/Central/Southern Europe is a go. Putin had good negotiations with Serbia and Bulgaria governments. This is a big deal there and a huge shift for Bulgaria, which previously, several years ago, succumbed to the US pressure and canceled South Stream. 

Austria and Hungary are very serious about being tapped into either Nord Stream-2 or TurkStream, possibly both. Germany, despite huge pressures from the US and Brussels continues defending Nord Stream-2, and I expect it to remain so. 

 The end result is another humiliating defeat for the US on the super-important European front. But of course the US will keep fighting tooth and nail. 

In this light, the Venezuela and Brazil events seem almost like a revenge attempt. 'If we can't get what we want in Syria and EU, we'll do so closer to home, in Latin America.' 

This seems more like a retreat, more like a desperate rear guard action, rather than the usual bold 'we are the masters of the world' US behavior.

Point is: the world is changing fast, and the US is unable to keep up as it used to. This is what the Inverted Collapse, the Time of Russia and the Earth Shift are about. 


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