Hey cuties!
So this is very new and I wanna say hi! To patrons and non-patrons alike!
I know some of you patrons already so an introduction seems a lil bit silly, but
HELLO I'M KI! And this is // sparkles // my patreon. ///throws confetti //cuts ribbon //looks around confused

I wanna give an early thank you to you cats! So THANKS!

First off, I wanna say this October drawing challenge is a pain in the butt, but-- lmao-- it's fun and so far so good. I haven't fallen behind yet, and I've been able get ahead a few times.
In the first week of November, I'll get all my rough draft sketches and inked drawings scanned into some toasty files to throw at yall.

I've also had something in the back of my (why isn't this finished yet) folder I'm thinking of sharing with you all. Bases.
I'm unsure if any of you are interested in them, but I'll just toss them into the 5$+ tier. They're just discreet, naked human sketches that I give permission to people to design on for fun, or to make adoptables with.

Future things:

I'm thinking I might ask for input later on which of the inktober sketches you'd want to see painted up. 

You can see some of them here on my tumblr:


Actually if you have any suggestions now, feel free to comment!

As for next month in November I want to do some fan art things I think. Some tiny ones. (One I want to be star wars because dat hot banana saber movie is comin' out soon.)
And then maybe some full illustrations, or two, featuring some of my own characters / worlds or a wacky concept that is too cool to keep tucked inside my brain.

Anyways, other questions, suggestions, concerns etc. Feel free to comment!
I'm not aware of all the cool things I can do with Patreon, so if you're like "whoa you could be doing this rad thing," then I might be like "whoa that's rad af, yes, I SHOULD be doing that ok thank YOU for this suggestion."

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