WHOA: Anti-Brexit Cadwalladr Accidentally Admits Soros Link
For years Carole Cadwalladr at the Observer newspaper (the Sunday Guardian) has attempted to create her own meme about the Leave campaign's spending in the UK referendum on European Union membership. 

Her stream of endless falsehoods has earned her the nickname "Carole Codswallop", though I now suspect that rather than being just a moron Remain running dog barking up the wrong trees, she is a useful idiot on behalf of... you guessed it... George Soros and his Open Society Foundations.

Cadwalladr has attempted to cover such tracks by issuing a series of tweets alleging that any critique of the billionaire, fund manager Soros is "racist" against Jews. This is despite Soros's rejection of his Jewish identity, and in spite of the fact that he has openly admitted to assisting in the confiscation of Jewish property during the Holocaust.

Cadwalladr has opined that "hate for George Soros that is whipped by the likes of LeaveEU is a racist meme...that almost killed him".

She has called criticism of Soros and his organisations' political interferences "Dog-whistle anti-semitic hate", and even rubbished the idea that she was on the take during her two year long fake news peddling wherein she has attempted, to some success, to call the EU referendum result into question.

Of course for her anti-Brexit crusade the British political establishment has bestowed upon her a number of gleaming awards and reviews, failing to realise further inculcation by the elite would scarcely burnish her credentials. 

Instead, and quite typically for a lonely old leftist like her, Cadwalladr has insisted on making herself a part of the story. This in turn has led to a number of revelations about her, as reported by Buzzfeed last month.

Cadwalladr allegedly "hired lawyers to threaten Channel 4 News with an injunction while they were partnering on an undercover investigation" with one source telling Buzzfeed “Whenever she felt like the story was slipping away from her total control, she’d lash out".

Which brings us to this morning's incident, wherein Cadwalladr found herself lashing out at the BBC, and desperately struggling to look like she still has allies. So she named dropped the only ones she has left: OpenDemocracy.

She advises in the tweet above that her friends and fans should give money to OpenDemocracy, a hard left group that has openly lied and smeared its political opponents, with much of the British establishment media taking their word at face value.

The group calls itself an "independent global media platform publishing up to 60 articles a week and attracting over 8 million visits per year". But their patrons and funding sources reveal them to be anything but independent.

Boasting a video on their website featuring Green Party MP Caroline Lucas; the anti-Israel, hard left, Corbyn-supporting musician Brian Eno; socialist 'freelancer' Ellie Mae O'Hagan; Trotskyite sympathiser Paul Mason; and failed socialist agitator Yanis Varoufakis, OpenDemocracy is very clearly anything but independent.

And you only have to look as far as their funding sources to seek confirmation.

Hidden several clicks through their website is a list of recent funders, including hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations from UK universities, as well as known left-leaning, globalist "charities".

While the usual names such as the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the Avaaz Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund come in early on, the largest donations are from the Open Society Foundation: George Soros's outfit.

In fact the Open Society Foundation appears to almost underwrite the whole of the institution that Cadwalladr says she has "worked with" for so long in trying to undermine Brexit.

The group also lists the European Cultural Foundation as one of its donors. An entity set up by EU federalists Denis de Rougement and Robert Schuman, the latter being one of the architects of the European Economic Community (now the EU).

While Cadwalladr has linked to OpenDemocracy a handful of times in the past, she has always claimed their investigations were "separate" to hers. Today, it appears, during her latest outburst, she let the cat out of the bag.

Now there is real evidence of the Open Society Foundations pouring foreign money into the United Kingdom in order to overturn the Brexit vote via dodgy and oft-retracted "journalism", surely it rests upon the shoulders of the pro-Brexit voices in Parliament to demand a full investigation.

And surely Cadwalladr - working hand in hand with Soros's goons - can no longer call those of us skeptical of his influence into British affairs, "racists".



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