A whole new year.
Hello patrons, I have been away too long! What happened?! Thanks again for your support, especially during the holidays where several of you purchased paintings from me for your loved ones. I loved hearing the stories of surprise and happiness when they were unwrapped. :) In other news, I am starting a class at the The Loveland Atelier next week and I have been busy getting my supplies ready for that. I'm going back to my classical roots in an attempt to unlearn some of my bad habits and re-learn some good ones. We will have a model in the same pose for 5 weeks!! I'm either going to really enjoy taking my time or go completely nuts. I have stretched and primed two canvases and now I remember why I started buying them pre-made. Jeez-louise its a lot of work to do things handmade all the time. Sure is nice, though. Sure is. My goal for this year is to keep learning and find solutions to problems in all areas of my life with just a pinch more patience than I normally have. (and hopefully remember most of it.) That's it! Happy New Year to all of you lovely people!! -Rachel