WHOOPS. Guess who forgot to share big news?

I've been fluctuating so much between JFC WHERE IS MY VISA to TRANSATLANTIC MOVE to INTERNET??? NO INTERNET :( :( :( to NOVEL SUBMISSIONS to SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE to MCDONALDS INTERNET??? to OMG FINALLY HOME INTERNET that I sort of kind of maybe forgot to tell you something really important????? 

Some of you likely know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook or my newsletter, but there is indeed some big book news.

Remember how once upon a time in February I was bemoaning the fact that we couldn't find a publisher for my Stonebreaker series? 


Long story short, BHC Press, with whom I worked on A HALL OF KEYS AND NO DOORS and LOOK TO THE SUN called me up one day and offered me a five book deal. 

So. That happened. 

This means that the Stonebreaker series has a home! A HOME. YOU GUYS.

You can read the full press release here: https://www.prlog.org/12660379-bhc-press-and-emmie-mears-announce-multi-book-deal.html

tl;dr? They're going to publish the first three Stonebreaker books with an option on the rest, plus two standalone novels.

So uh...yeah!

What this means for me is that I get to concentrate on just making this series everything I wanted it to be: expansive, inclusive, exciting, magical, complex. We decided to recombine what was Hearthfire and Stonebreaker earlier this year, to be titled HEARTHFIRE and released next spring. TIDEWATER will be book two, followed by WINDTAKER and (I hope!) SOULSONG and cap off with the eponymous series title, STONEBREAKER.

The two standalones are thus far TBD. 

What this means for you, O Lovely Patrons, is that you can expect a cover reveal for HEARTHFIRE along with proper eARCs soony-soon-soon once I finish uh...all my media kit homework. :sweat-laugh emoji:

This news dropped two weeks before our international move, so I fell on my face a little bit with spreading it around. 

Anyway! Hopefully this gets you excited for Future Stuff! 

Big huggles and doorstop-sized book bunnies!