Whorelords 3.0 is released! Enjoy the final game!

Hey friends!

We've finished the Whorelords! 

Many thanks for my patrons who support us all these 3 years!

 It's final release... So download and enjoy!

Guess what these ocrs are doing...   ;)  

(thanks to Patreon for this game)



VIP Version has cheats, teleports, build-in nude mod and more bigger 2D animations 

+ My Dropbox with a fresh 3D stuff, favorite comics, renders for my next games etc

Changelog 3.0

New Content

 - 75 new 3D scenes 

 - 14 new original in-game XXX stories were added 

 - Added 3 unique final bosses with own style of fighting

 - New event of the Final Battle deep-throating the worg on lose

 - Added new level - the Throne (near the Armory)

 - Added new level - the Portal (near the Kitchen)

 - Updated all dialogs of the heroine and draenei rebels in party (on new zone opening)

 - Added the easter egg - It's the Secret Level with Super Secret NPC and hidden treasures...

 - Added special +New game option when you can start the "+New Naked Game" without armor and clothes, all NPCs will comment your naked state... You'll get the special quest to find 13 unique XXX books.

 (It's available after getting the Throne and entering to the Time Portal)


 - New epic XXX Event "Get the Throne" for Legendary Final Battle/Orgy (two unique endings)

 - New Mini XXX Quest "Propaganda" in the Bordello

 - New quest "Orc Pervert" to find 13 unique smut-books (Only in +New Naked Game mod)

 - A lot of new NPCs were added for new mini-quests

Arena farming - speed it up!

- You'll get a plenty goblin-fans on the Arena and quest for the Whorechief reputation after the Goblin Rebellion event 

- You can start SI:7 events just with +10 and +20 Whorechief reputation now

- Added New Si:7 event "Drink!" to raise your Whorechief popularity ;)

- You'll get an additional reputation in the Vault event too

- You can buy the special key to the Arena-Bordello back-door on the black market (NPC is outside Bordello)

- Added the goblin-expert (you need +5 Reputation to meet him). You can buy the special "speed-it-up" hints about the Arena. 

Fixes and Reworks

 - Mysterious Girl event in the Kitchen was reworked

 - Prison-B event "the Menu" was reworked

 - Reworked Arena rep. farming rates

 - Fixed the cum-cake bug

 - Fixed a bug with completing the Diary of the Princess quest 

 - Rebalanced some too powerful or too week skills of  the high tier, like "Thousand arrows" (-) , "Rice of the Queen" (+),  "Dual Shot"  (-) 

 - Amount of coin rewards is based on level now (much more gold for you)

 - Fixed big animations bug (for VIP Version)

 - Balanced Confusing (Screaming Banshee) and Sleeping (Dead Song) magic skills

 - All reputation stores around the Arena were rebalanced. You need less reputation to open them

 - Now you'll get EXP points for all actions in game: like gathering herbs, coins or catching rats

 - You will get armors and weapons from chests and quest rewards in the Whorelords 3.0

 - Added new magic skills to fight with monsters on low and high levels. So you can choice your fighting style more easily.

Social & Funny

 - Added new NPC on the Arena, Venom the Succubus (Non Futa) + New reputation quest (the Goblin Rebellion)

 - New kid-tabooren play on the Farm  (It's son of Yaho & unknown captive elf ).

 - Your Orc-Fans will be much more welcome (new dialogs after you reach +50 Whorechief rep)

 - General Gzog and some orcs NPC graphics was totally changed and reworked

 - Now you can cast a fireball to all annoying creatures (except butterflies and the little tabooren, we love them!)

P.S. Kindly, write me, if you'll catch some bugs to PM or Our Discord (bugs channel)