Whores / Crowbar Giveaway
That's right - both bangers come out on October 28th, so we're doing a killer give-away package.  

Whores' 'Gold' and Crowbar's 'The Serpent Only Lies' are gonna end up on a bunch of year end lists, I'm sure, so here's your chance to get a CD copy by using your extreme amounts of metal wisdom.

How do you win such a thing, you ask? 

It's easy.

Make sure you're follow Skull Toaster on Twitter (@skulltoaster) or Instagram (just search for Skull Toaster on the app).

Next, answer metal trivia correctly on Twitter or Instagram from Monday, Oct 24th through Friday, Oct 28th, 2016. Each correct answer is an entry. Easy. 

I'll pick the winners the following week.  *Give away is open to THE WORLD, too. None of this US-only bullshit.