Now really who's DuCE? Meaning who's really the shit?
Done fucked around and let 100 Rounds up in this bitch
We gone blast, squeeze first, ask questions last
That's how most of these so called ganstas pass 
Alas, niggas talking bout blunts and broads,
Strippers and expensive cars
All because a nigga played his cards like a boss 
But knew it all the while, just waited on the right time to floss

It's time that stepped in the lime light
Cause my rhymes been tight, and I wanna bite of that Klondike 
Three shots waiter, y'all order what you like
Take three shots hater fuck a fist fight
Might scuff up my shoes, that'll fuck up my night
I like getting fucked up, let's toast to one life
And my son is a G! Young and healthy!
And i rhyme like life depends on me to MC 

It’s hella drama in the S-A-C 

On my momma, It’s kinda hard being D-U-C 

That’s why I stay numb away from the dumb dumbs 

Dirty niggas catch a bumb bump passing sticky green  

We respect da G code homie where I’m from 

And easily knock a bitch cause girls wanna have fun 

I got game from my uncle bumping Too Short in the Caddy 

Now I'm screaming PLAYER SHIT!! I act just like my daddy! 

Nothing they can tell I'm going outta my mind 

Im spell my city one more time more time check it

It's the S-A-C-R-A-M-E-N-T-O, CA  

One hour from the bay
Recognize a real don when you see one.

We gone shut this bitch down when we rock it 

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