FREE Post! Trump vows to pull US out of nuclear arms treaty with Russia (Lada's Commentary)

Who's Going Nuts & Lying Here? 'Trump vows to pull US out of nuclear arms treaty with Russia' (Lada's Commentary)

Ah, what wouldn't a desperate US president do in order to get those coveted votes... And what wouldn't he do to survive till the end of the term and avoid impeachment... 

Trump's globalist straitjacket at work, as predicted in ESR16 and Webinar 1! The US is becoming a tragic comedy act, reminiscent of Ukraine. Does US really, truly wants to turn into a massive Ukraine of the Americas? How sad...


Videos self-explanatory:

Trump vows to pull US out of nuclear arms treaty with Russia

‘Simply crazy’: What do you think of Trump’s vow to withdraw from US-Russia nuclear treaty?


Where are all those campaign promises to improve relations with Russia? 

And incidentally, what Trump is doing here is completely in line with the Inverted Collapse scenario, in other words, a collapse in reverse < doing the opposite things the USSR did under Gorbachev, also confirming the ongoing Earth Shift! The treaty was signed by Gorbachev and the US, while Trump is trying to undo it. That's why I call Trump the 'unwitting Earth Shift Agent Extraordinaire.'

Good going, Mr. Trump! Keep it up!


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