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Who's a Good Voter?
Trump is in some ways more awful than the typical Republican politician - more crass, more ignorant, more dangerously impulsive. But a lot of his awfulness is just what we've come to expect from Republican politicians. You can't be a viable Republican politician, in this age, unless you sign on for a long list of indefensible and irresponsible positions.

My point is, Trump's election didn't come out of nowhere. The GOP spent years teaching its voters to accept ridiculous nonsense as truth, and Trump is the result. 

Artwise, I think this is one of my better efforts - I like the flat pink colors on the crowds versus the fuller colors on the two GOP operatives. (Thanks to patron Naomi for suggesting that approach to the colors!) Better still, to my eyes at least, it really doesn't look like any of the other political cartoons out there. (By the way, those stupid Tea Party hats are pretty hard to draw!)

Thanks, as always, for supporting these cartoons. This really isn't the kind of cartoon newspapers like, so I really couldn't do these without the support of patrons! This cartoon won't be public for a few days, but in the meanwhile, patrons at the $5 and above level, feel free to share it immediately.

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